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Lovejoy Ranch in Nebraska

Start your morning driving underneath the large trees with many songbirds. Continue across many acres of tall grass and short grass prairie and end your day with expansive wetlands and private access to Ell Lake. Summer guaranteed nesting birds.

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We want to share amazing farms and ranches with high levels of ecological diversity in key areas of Nebraska.

We’re looking for experienced birders to create checklists on eBird and take photographs of new farms & ranches as they come onto the platform. LandTrust will pay for your booking! We’re currently looking for bird surveyors in Montana, Nebraska & Kansas. If you’d be interested in our Birding Survey Program fill out the form below and we’ll reach out!

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in Nebraska

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Abbot Ranch in Nebraska

On this 54,000 acre ranch see expansive tall grass and short grass prairie as well as access to the snake river. This property also has massive wetlands with unrivaled biodiversity.

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Cullom Ranch in Nebraska

Driving through Cullom ranch you will find rolling hills of both grazed and untouched mixed-grass native prairie host many varieties of grasses, flowers, and songbirds Nebraska is known for. Nestled in this property's vast grasslands are two sizeable wetlands that give a private viewing of the many waterfowl who visit or reside there. 

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Upon arriving, you will find thinly lined trees that condense many passerines and birds of prey together, including the residential pair of Great Horned Owls commonly found roosting in the trees near the entrance. Barbed wire lining the property offers a perching point for blackbirds and many varieties of sparrows, who return to the safety of fields of mixed grasses as you continue your travel.

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Saults Ranch in Nebraska

Proud supporter of the Nebraska Audubon Society.